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How To Fish The "Instincts" Of Blue Catfish And Trigger More Strikes

Blue catfish are one of the largest catfish species you'll find in North America. You'll also hear people call them "silver cats", "fork tails", and "hump backs".

These names all spawn from the fact that blue catfish have silver coloring, and forked tails.

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Blue cats favor water between 70 and 82 degrees, but they can also thrive in cooler waters.

Good sized blue catfish catches will range between 20 to 40 pounds...but it's possible form them to grow to 100 pounds in some cases.

The blue catfish is most similar to the channel cat. The main differences include the color, and the longer anal fins of the blue cat. Blue catfish are also larger.

How To Find Blue Catfish

Seek them out in larger rivers and lakes mostly. They like clean, clear water, with some current.

Check for them in tributaries, in and around structure, curves in the river, deeper holes, and eddies close to shore out of the main current.

They tend to group in these areas, and will give you the best shot at catching a bunch.

Here are my top 5 places to catch blue catfish:

1. The Missouri River

2. The Mississippi River

3. The Tennessee River

4. The Arkansas River

5. The Ohio River

(In no particular order...)

These 5 represent the native locations of blue catfish...but over the years they have found their way into hundreds of bodies of water throughout the continent.

Other great places: Powerton Lake, Lake Marion, the James River, etc...

They are extremely adaptable, and can survive in almost any habitat that satisfieds their basic needs.

Blue Catfish Catching Tips

Keep in mind, blue cats are very strong fighters...so you've gotta stay on your toes. They are also extremely aggressive in certain situations.

Obviously, make sure yu've got a strong rod/reel...and fishing in in good condition. Also arm yourself with heavy tackle, and sharpened hooks.

Here are 5 great tips that focus on using the instincts of a blue catfish, to help catch them.

1. Blue catfish are extremely opportunistic...and will feed on anything in front of them most of the time. They also feed on crayfish, frogs, mussels, and others. The rule? Get your bait in front of them. They'll take it.

2. They'll feed on live bait and/or dead bait. They also love wounded bait fish. Use shad and herring for this...but also try sunfish, carp, minnows, shiners, and suckers. The larger the bait, the less bites you'll get...but the bigger the average size catfish you haul in will be.

3. Blues will also grab anything with a strong odor. Use bait covered in chicken blood, stink baits, cut bait, and chicken liver for this. As well as any home made bait concoctions you want to try.

4. Fish 'em in the fall... start in late spring, early summer, and keep on fishing through the fall. Lots of guys stop, but they do enjoy cool water as well and stay active longer than other species.

5. Don't forget to fish them during the spawn, when the water temperature is between 70 and 75 degrees. Late spring/early summer is when you should start.

Above all else...enjoy your fishing trips. They are precious, especially when you fish with family and good friends.

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