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For the enthusiastic catfish fisher and those seeking to indulge in the practice, you will be happy to know there are a number of books out there to enhance your knowledge on catfish fishing. Catfish fishing has been an exercise performed for centuries and requires the know-how if you are to hone your skills on catfish fishing.

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As years have passed with catfish fishing taking the back banner in popularity, this norm has changed with the introduction of numerous catfish fishing books. Today, the numerous information and guidelines written in these catfish fishing books has enabled eager catfish fishers even more eager to engage in the activity with the hopes of catching a monster catfish.

These catfish fishing books have allowed fishers gain more knowledge into how to catch an even bigger catfish.

Keith Sutton’s Fishing for Catfish: The Complete Guide for Catching Big Channels, Blues…’ will provide you with information on a catfish’s biology, where to find them in large numbers and how to effectively catch one. He even goes further and provide information on how to locate good catfish fishing gear, techniques used to catch and clean them and even how to cook/prepare them. 

Catfish fishing books are great sources of information, especially to those people who have no idea where to get catfish fishing gear. Many of these catfish fishing books provide more than a glimpse into stores selling catfish fishing gear, with some even providing locations and approximate amount you will use purchasing different types of gear.

Other books will shed a light on popular baits that catfish love, from the ones bought in the grocery store to homemade ones. Some catfish fishing books give detailed information on the different sizes of catfish from all over the world. This information can be helpful to serious catfish fishers who love traveling the world engaging in catfish fishing. They can now find where to locate different catfishes of different sizes. 

The Catfish Hunters’ by Bussolini is a great read if you are in need of information on the different catfish habitats and their eating habits. More information is provided on the most convenient way to manipulate a rig in an attempt to catch all the catfish found in one location, from the famous 12” bullheads to the even more popular 100 pound flat heads. In addition, the book reveals the best times to go catfish fishing. 

Moreover, great informative catfish fishing books have been written that reveal the different bodies of water where you can find different types of catfish.

An example of such a book is Catfish Fishing written by Robert Z. Cohen where he gives an incredible insight on the common types of freshwater catfish, i.e. channels, flat heads, blues and bullheads, and as they are each caught differently, they show you how each can be caught. As catfish are found in different water bodies, this book will provide resourceful information on how to fish in these different water bodies. 

In conclusion, whether you are looking for basic information on catfish fishing or want to delve a little bit deeper, these catfish fishing books will give you a wealth of information. Finding these catfish fishing books is not a difficult task as most of them can be found and purchased from the internet. 

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