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Top Homemade Catfish Chum Recipes

When it comes to learning the most effective secrets of catching catfish, one of the most forgotten, yet a critical success tip is chumming. It is always wise to commence by checking out fishing regulations, laws, and licensing terms and conditions in your region to ascertain that chumming is legal. If it’s allowed, chumming is the secret to hitting big wins.

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But how can one make his own homemade catfish Chum? Well, read on to uncover the answers.

First, note that different types of soured grain mixture form base ingredient in most commercial catfish chum recipe. Ideally, throw a coffee can filled with soured grains in the area you intend to fish. Do so a couple of hours prior to your set fishing time.

Your chum should be small sized such that catfish won’t get filled up eating them. In most cases, wrapping it with a cheese cloth or putting it in a sealed container with small holes all around is the best method to use. It allows the smell of the chum to get into the water and attract catfish without being eaten.

Here is a couple of other different types of homemade chum recipe, you can use to attract catfish; 

  1. · Combine grains such as wheat, milo, corn, or combine shorts with liquid and leave the mixture to soak overnight. After this, transfer it to a trash bag and leave it to sour. For fast results, leave it in a warm area in an airtight bag, and allow it to sour pretty well…or if you prefer it said this way, allow it to sour really badly. Your chum will by then be ready.

  1. · If you hate smells, then you want a chum that is not so smelly. For this, purchase range cubes. Ideally, opt for those rich in protein range cubes, since they do not float as readily as other range cubes. Find a way, and leave them in the deep water where catfish normally dwell. The chum will attract them around that area.

  1. · You can mix about 25 pounds of barley and 25 pound of wheat in a big trash can or bag. Then, add several packages of dried yeast to the mixture and pour the content in a milk gallon. Then add sufficient water such that all the content is covered.

  2. Seal the content well and put it under direct sun light or in a warm place for about a month. When opening the chum to go and use it, make sure to put on rubber gloves and clothes you do not intend to use again; the small is so strong and rarely fades out.

  3. · Another way to chum catfish is to use canned dog food such as Alpo. Simply take a few cans of such food and using a sharp object such as a nail, make small holes all around it.

    Then, toss the can into the water in the region you intend to go fishing several hours before your planned time. It will lure the fish towards it but they will not be able to feed on the content. The only thing they will enjoy as they wait for you to come and pull them out is the smell. It will make them hungrier and hungrier. Even after seeing you pull out the first net, they will still be clinging around.

  4. · Another great chum to use to attract catfish is the forage from the zone you plan to go fishing. Simply grind it up using a food processor and then freeze it into a solid block. Several hours before your fishing time, go and drop it in the water. Catfish will be drawn to that spot in large numbers. 

  5. · Further, a bucket of sour soy beans works well as a chum when dropped into the water. What’s more, unlike other grains that will take you a couple of days to ripen, soy beans only takes a few days: Mostly 2-4 days if you keep them in direct sunlight and add water as it absorbs. As such, they offer a great chum especially if you are in a hurry.

  6. · If you still don’t want to use any of the chums outlined above, then use a rancid blood bait such as guts blood. Put the blood in a big container such as a 5 gallon bucket and be sure to attach it securely using something such as a rope or a duct tape so that it is not be washed away by the water. Before submerging the container in the water, poke several hole to allow the blood ooze out slowly. 

In conclusion, if it is allowed in your region, chumming is a good way to catch a lot of catfish. Actually, old time trotline and jug line fishermen use chumming whenever they want to catch a large number of catfish within just a little time.

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