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3 Best Catfish Lures

Experienced anglers know that most catfish prefer live bait as compared to lures. Catfish are not only aggressive, but also quite hard to catch. Did you know that there was a way you could use bait and a lure at the same time to make a combination that the catfish would easily bite into?

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These lures are very ordinary and can most likely be found in any fisherman’s box. If not, any fisherman can easily purchase them from a tackle shop or at a major chain store that has a fishing section. The lures are affordable and quite effective when it comes to catching catfish.


Spinners are the lures to choose if you are going after any of the main catfish species found in North America. As the name suggests, these lures spin when they are reeled in, thus catching the attention of the catfish. These lures are more effective to use when fishing during the day when catfish are the most inactive.

The spin causes a flash in the water that can be seen by catfish even in the deepest of waters. You have high chances of bagging a catfish while using this lure.

Effective combinations to use with the spinner are the night crawlers or stinky baits. The strong smell they leave behind combined with the visual flash of the spinner will attract many catfish. The scent needs to be strong enough as most catfish hunt using their smell too.


You have a wide selection to choose from when it comes to spoons because of their varying shapes, sizes and colors. These lures were named after the spoon because of their shape. Despite there being a variety in terms of design, there is still a basic design that is used in all spoons.

Cutlery spoons are concave in shape, and this shape is shared by the spoon lure as well. However, the spoon can be long or short concave area. This unique shape allows this lure to move around in the water in a motion that often catches the attention of catfish lurking in the area.

Spoons can be used with the same bait as the spinners i.e. stinky bait and worm baits. Interestingly, the spoon can also be used with soap! Not just any soap however, it has to have a strong scent in order to attract the catfish. Take caution though not to use soap that has an overpowering flowery scent. The most recommended soap is ��lye soap’ which has the ability of luring in large catfish. If you cannot find lye soap easily enough, ivory can be used as a substitute.


Jigs are similar to spoons in that they come in a variety of colors and designs, while still maintaining functionality when it comes to luring catfish. Some of these lures come in simple and basic designs. One feature that stands out is that these lures are particularly heavy and are thus useful for fishing in deep waters.

Experienced fishers know that the best place to catch catfish is in deep water, where they like to hand out, especially during the day, as most catfish are only active early in the morning or late in the evening. Other jigs have streamers hanging on their heads.

These particular jigs come in bright and catchy colors, such as yellow, green and orange that can be seen even in muddy water. Additionally, they come in varying sizes that can be used to catch different sizes of catfish.

The best bait to be used with jigs is minnows. These baits are effective because they trail behind during trolling or reeling in. Catfish will be attracted to the smell left behind by the minnows, while at the same time the sight of the jigs will be enough to catch their eye.

There are varying opinions on the details of the jigs and how effective they are when catching catfish. Some feel that the more attractive and brighter the jig is, the higher the chances of it baiting in a fish. Yet others feel that a jig should simply be a hook to attach the minnows or other kinds of bait to it.

When it comes to this type of lure all it needs is its weight which will carry it to the bottom where most of the catfish are. However, jigs used with minnows are still effective in catching catfish.

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