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When it comes to magazines, you will find plenty on beauty, fashion, politics and travel but very few on nature and wildlife. You may find it really difficult to find one that talks about catfish fishing. If you make a serious effort to look for it, you might find some good magazines on fishing in general, with a few stray articles or tips about catfish fishing sprinkled here and there. 

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Fortunately, this is not all. There are a few magazines that have chosen to specialize in this unusual niche, where you will regularly get pertinent information and news about catfish fishing. The following magazines are specifically focused on fishing and often carry excellent articles on various aspects of catfish fishing. 

1. Fisherman (www.in-fisherman.com)

This is an online publication to which you can easily subscribe with a few clicks of the mouse. The site contains a wealth of information on every aspect of fishing, including a large list of resources and useful links on the subject. No matter what you are looking for, this site will have something about fishing to hold your interest. You will find some very interesting articles, news, recipes and a number of tips and tricks that will help you improve your fishing abilities and knowledge in general. 

It helps plenty that all the articles are neatly indexed based on the subject so you can find any information you need in no time. The home page gives you a list of the types of fish available in various regions in the country such as bass, panfish, walleye and of course, catfish. Most fishing magazines do not single out species of fish in their issues. However, “Fisherman” is delightfully different. This magazine makes it a point to provide information on every species of fish - including catfish - not only the popularly known ones. 

Old articles of significance are indexed for easy search by relevance. You will find information on every possible fishing-related subject such as boat sale announcements, information about award winning anglers, contests, and so many other interesting facts. 

2. Game And Fishing Magazine (www.gameandfishman.com) 

As the name indicates, this site is not exclusively about fishing. It also talks about game. However, this is a very good read for people who love fishing because the articles published in this magazine on fishing are researched in depth and offer pertinent and interesting information. Those who are looking for specific information regarding catfish fishing will not be disappointed. You will find plenty of tips and tricks about fishing this particular fish including advice on how to bait, where to fish and how to reel it in when you catch a large one. 

To help you find the information you need easily, the site offers you a search tab. Just type in your keywords – for example, “freshwater catfish” – and you will get within seconds all the articles that have published on the topic on the site. The articles of catfish (as well as others) are also indexed region wise; hence, if you want to know something about catfish in a particular region, it is very easy to single it out.

3. Catfish and Catfishing (www.procats.com)

This is one of the rare fishing magazines that actually specializes on catfish fishing in particular. You will find on this site everything you ever wanted to know about this wonderful and intriguing fish, i.e. where is lives, how it lives, how it breeds, how to fish it, where to fish it, how to reel it in, how to catch and handle a large catfish without getting injured or worse, killed and so on. 

There is so much to learn about the catfish through this site that will bring you back again and again – and you will be amazed that every time you do you will find something fascinating about the catfish.

4. The National Geographic Magazine

This is another superb magazine, though not singularly focuses on catfish or catfishing. Every article published in this exceptional magazine is a delight to read. The articles in this magazine speak about every aspect of fishing in great depth and clarity. The articles that it published on catfish are extremely informative and useful. 

There are many other online magazines which offer information about catfish and fishing. If you take the trouble to look up the Internet, you will definitely find some very good sites on this particular topic to keep you abreast with information and facts.

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