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Catching a catfish is not an easy task and requires lot of efforts. Catfish is one monstrous and flathead fish that needs lot of tips to catch it. The nets play an important role in catching such a fish. One must select a proper net for fishing so that they don’t lose their catch.

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There are various types of nets available in the market but we need to choose the one that is feasible for catching a good sized catfish. You want to make sure that the net is strong so that this catfish does not escape.

Amongst many nets available in the market, the one recommended to catch the catfish is the hoop net. They are also known as barrel nets or fyke which is used to catch fishes. The net consists of two mesh funnels which are inward facing and it is made of a long tube of netting. This net is kept open with the help of a fiberglass hoop or a large metal and hence the name hoop net.

The structure and mechanism hoop nets are such that it allows a fish to enter it but prevents it from escaping. Once the fishes are trapped inside it can be removed by opening the net with the help of large metal rod. For using a hoop net you need to check with the locals whether it is legal to use such net in their area. According to law some water areas allow the use of hoop net but some may not. 

To catch a catfish you need to make sure that you are putting the right bait. The bait should be such that it is soaked by the net long enough so that fishes can find it. The baits like soybean meal and cheese work well for catfishes. Hoop nets come in various sizes and hence you need to select the one according to your needs.

For small sized fishes smaller hoop nets with 1 inch or less netting mesh is used whereas, for big fishes 11/2 inch of mesh diameter is required. The hoop nets need to be set in a proper position so that catfish gets trapped and there is no way that they escape.

So for that the tapered end of the net is tied stake set in the river so that it stays still in the water and doesn’t move with the wave. Once the position is fixed pull the mouth of the net. This will prevent any waste material like leaves or mud gets accumulated on the net. Use a float or buoy to mark the area.

Raise the tapered end first while harvesting the fish from the hoop net. Get the hoop net on the side of the boat and open the tapered end so that fishes can be removed. Once all the trapped fishes are in the boat you can reset the net and bait for the next round of catching.

The hoop nets can get damaged easily due to the mud, leaves and debris. Such net is of no use as it may allow the fishes to escape. Hence, make sure the net is repaired and taken care of before the use.

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