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How To Pick The Right Catfishing Reel

Catfish have been amongst the most popular fish and are commonly sought after by anglers and fishermen alike. There are several reasons as to why these fish are very popular. One of them is that they can grow to large sizes, and would be the ideal fish to choose if you were looking for a trophy fish.

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Another reason is that they have no fixated habitat. They are flexible and can easily be found in almost any area.

Another reason as to why they are so popular is because of their strength and the struggle they put up once they’re hooked on your bait. This struggle is what adds to the challenge that many anglers come looking for, no matter their level of skill.

As exciting as it sounds, it is far from easy. To be successful in catfish fishing, you need to have the right equipment with you. The most important of all your gear is your rod, without which you will not be able to catch any fish. It needs to be durable and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the fish, as well as the fight the fish will definitely put up. Next to the rod, the other most important equipment is your reel, without which you will not be able to reel in any fish.

Are you at a loss as to how to choose the right reel for catfish fishing? Below are a few tips that will help you make the right choice.

• From the start, you need to know what kind of catfish you want to fish. The reel you choose will depend on the type of catfish you want to finish. This is because one reel may suitable for one type of fish, but not the other. For example, there are particular reels that are suitable when fishing for the channel catfish. The same reel will not produce the same results while fishing for blue catfish.

• You also need to know what kind of rod you want to fish with. This is very important as the rod and reel need to match in order for them to function properly.

• Never compromise on the quality of the reels you buy. Catfish are strong fish and always put up a fight so it is important that you have a strong reel. If you prefer cheaper reels, you may need to replace them every so often which will eventually cost you a lot more than if you had bought a good quality one in the first place.

• Shop for reels with the gear ratio in mind. Gear ratios refer to the number of turns the spool will make during each turn of the handle. For quick retrievals, high gear ratios are best; but with bottom fishing the better option would be low gear ratios.

• It is also important that you choose a reel depending on your level of skill and the kind of catfish fishing experience you’ve had.

• Before you purchase any reel, it is important for you to learn the types of reels that are available, and the most suitable situations to use them in. There are currently three types to choose from: spinning reel, the bell reel, and the bait casting reel.

The more knowledge you have on the types or reels, the higher the chances of you catching more catfish.

Here are details on the three types of reels:

• Spinning reels- They are also commonly referred to as close-faced reels. They are also the easiest to use, hence they are suitable for inexperienced fishers who have just started learning how to fish. Look at the balance and stability of this kind of reel before you purchase it. As mentioned earlier, the more expensive ones are of a better quality.

• Bell reel- This type of reel is harder to handle as compared to the one mentioned above. To use this reel, you need to place your index finger over the fishing line while simultaneously flipping the bell over, then releasing the line as you cast, using your other hand. This move definitely requires a lot more practice.

• Bait casting reels- This is the hardest of the three reels to use and is only left to the most experienced anglers to handle. You are required to firmly hold the line down using your thumb as you cast, or else you will lose control as to where the line will go.

As seen above, choosing the right reel relies on a variety of factors. Once you choose the right reel, make sure you get as much practice as possible.

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