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Catfishing Season: A Complete Guide

When it comes to catfish fishing, you are required to practice a lot patience. This is because it is rare for you to cast your line and bait a fish almost immediately. However, no one would want to cast their line and sit and wait at the same spot and position without any fish taking the bite.

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The suggested waiting time in any area is half an hour. If no fish takes the bait, move on to a different location.

In the same way other species will act, eat and respond differently to bait, the catfish will do the same depending on what you have to offer, and in which season. What may work during winter, may not work during summer, and the same can be said in reverse.

In order for you to remain successful with catfish fishing, it is important for you to understand the effects the weather changes have on these fish. This will help you choose the best tactics and techniques to catch them during each season. Catfish will respond differently depending on what season it is, and which time of the day you choose to fish. Having this knowledge will increase your catch.

Fishing for Catfish in spring

This is ideally the best season to go fishing. Following a long period of hunger in winter due to food scarcity, catfish will be hunting aggressively during spring. It is also during this time that they will not be picky about what to eat, including your bait. During spring, any bait you get to the bottom of the water will likely be snatched up in no time.

Furthermore, during this season you can easily find catfish almost anywhere. It is at this time of the year that you are likely to find them in shallow waters close to banks. Also, you do not have to be very particular about the baits you choose to use. You should know that almost every other angler within your location will be out fishing during this time too, so you will have a lot of competition.

Fishing for Catfish in summer

The same techniques used in spring can be employed during the first few weeks of summer as the catfish are still hunting vigorously. However, as summer progresses, it becomes harder finding the catfish as they retreat to the deeper parts of the water where it is cooler.

It is also important that you choose your bait carefully while fishing during summer. This is because not all baits will perform as well in warm water. One example of a bait you would not want to use is the cut bait whose smell will become hard to bear because of the heat.

Fishing for Catfish in the fall

As the fall starts, catfish are known to still lurk in the cooler parts as the water may still be warm. And as the weather progresses to become cooler, the catfish will continue to seek out deeper parts of the water. By the time the weather is cold, the fish will have settled in deep holes that can be found in still waters. This is where they will remain until spring starts again. Because the weather is not fully cold during the fall, there are some days that will be warmer than others and it is during this time that you are likely to catch a few active catfish.

Fishing for Catfish in winter

Even when most catfish have settled into the deep holes, you can still catch quite a number of fish. Most anglers will choose not to fish during this time and will wait until spring starts again. What they do not know is that they could be missing out on what could possibly be their best fishing experience ever.

It is during winter that you will come across the biggest catfish, and what’s more is that you have little or no competition to deal with. When fishing during this time, it is advised that you use stink baits, chicken blood, dead minnows and cut bait to lure the fish out. The catfish will be hungry and will not pass up that kind of bait when food is scarce. The stronger the scent, the better the results you will have.

Regardless of the season, nighttime is always the best time to hunt for catfish, as they are most active.

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