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How To Find The Perfect Catfish Fishing Tackle For You...

The catfish is a species of fish which has been popular with anglers for many years. Catfish are strong and put up a tremendous fight when caught, and it this challenge, plus the fun and excitement as well, which anglers find so appealing. It is not just winning the battle to reel in one of these fish though, that lures anglers to the sport of catfish fishing, but the fact too that catfish provide a really delicious meal.

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The trick to being successful at landing a catfish however is having the right tackle, because without the right equipment, there is a good chance that you will go home empty-handed. The equipment used for catching this species of fish is wide and varied, and the tackle you need depends mainly on the type and size of catfish you are going for.

The one very important thing that you have to understand is that catfish are aggressive, and will put up an incredible fight once they’ve taken your line. Reeling in a catfish, even a smaller one, is not easy at all, and is just about impossible if you don’t have the correct tackle. So, to avoid the risk of having your line break when you’re trying to reel in a catfish, spend some time to make sure that you have the proper equipment for your next fishing trip.

How to choose the right tackle

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of tackle available for different species of catfish, so it is very important that you:

Choose according to your catfish

Decide which species of catfish you are aiming for Make a rough estimation of the size of fish you will be aiming for. If you’re going to be fishing in an area that is not familiar to you, then speak to the local fishermen or keep track of fishing reports to give you an idea of the size of catfish you could be dealing with Choose your tackle according to the species and size of catfish - heavy duty tackle is best if you’re going for the really big ones

Choose the best, and enough fishing line

Rather have too much than too little fishing line to avoid the disappointment of having your fish get away when the line snaps Choose the best possible quality line, and make sure that it matches the weight of the rest of the gear you buy Use heavier line to prevent it from tangling and getting lost if you’re going to be fishing in an area where there are plenty of trees, rocks, ledges and so forth

Have the correct fishing pole

Fishing poles are usually 7 to 10 feet in length, and specially designed for catching catfish, but bear in mind that a longer rod will allow you to cast further, and have more control as well. A good choice of rod is one that provides medium to fast action, with a little flexibility. Do note though that too much flexibility will prevent you from reeling in your catfish.

Choose the correct spinning reel and other important accessories

Your spinning reel should be of the best possible quality, and you should make sure too, that it has a good drag system, which you will definitely need when reeling in a catfish. Many anglers however, prefer using conventional fishing reels when they are drag fishing. You need all sorts of accessories to be ready to catch catfish, so make sure to buy a good assortment of hooks, weights, and sinkers, and anything else you might need to land those big ones.

Have an assortment of bait with you

It’s always good to have a variety of baits with you, especially if you’re fishing in an unfamiliar area, because you might have to try out a few different baits first, until you find the one that the catfish find appetizing enough to take your line. 

The bottom line

Apart from having the appropriate tackle for catfish fishing, it is also important that you stay well organized too, to be ready for a successful fishing trip. Separate your freshwater and saltwater tackle, replace old and worn out items with new ones, and keep your tackle box neat and tidy at all times.

Armed with a perfectly organized tackle box, a fishing pole ideal for catfish fishing, and with bait on the hook that makes the catfish scramble to get to it, there is no doubt that you will have a successful, exciting and fun-filled fishing trip. 

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