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"Super Noodling" Tips For Handfishing Monster Catfish

The art of noodling for catfish goes back hundreds of years, and it's one of the great catfishing traditions.

No pole...no tackle...no bait... nada. Just you, your hand, a glove (if you're sane), and the catfish.

It's on the edge of crazy...but it's fun as all get out. Just make sure it's legal where you plan to noodle it up.

Obviously, with all these tips you need to know your fishin' hole, first and foremost! If you take some time to research the spot, you are more likely to know where the "honey holes" are... and you'll also be able to avoid spots where snapping turtles and other dangers lurk, thus saving your fingers. Always, always, always have a first-aid kit on hand.

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Make sure to have a "spotter" on hand... someone to watch out for you. Another person will obviously have a better picture of what is going on, and they can help steer you away from danger, and towards where those big lunkers lie.

Of course, a good strong spotter can also help you get the big ones out of the water and up onto shore or the boat.

It's the rare noodler who ever goes out by him or herself.

As I mentioned before, using protective gloves is the smart thing to do. The big ones (and even the smaller fighter catfish) can cut up your hand and arm good. You'll get a few battle scars regardless, but let's try to limit the damage by wearing some good gloves, and even some protective covering over your arms.

Speaking of battle scars... be ready for a fight. They'll have no interest in being pulled out of their comfy holes...much less out of the water completely. I don't care how big or small...you be ready for battle.

This is another reason to have a spotter on hand. If it turns into a battle royale man vs. catfish, make sure your spotter is ready to jump in and join in the fray. I've seen these fights last 15 minutes or more.

Now, to find monster cats in prime position for noddling, don't be afraid to go deep. You'll probably have to go under water for the big ones. So you've got to be able to swim well. This is what seperates the men from the boys.

If you're just starting out, stick to the shallows, grab a few of the smaller catfish. When you're feeling comfortable, get in deep and go after the big boys.

Here's a great way to find them: grab a big stick, or tree limb. Wade out into the water and start poking around the bottom.

You'll know when you hit a catfish. It's feel like you're hitting a soft tire at the bottom. It'll be a very different feeling than just hitting rocks and mud.

When you hit them, they'll move as well.

Get down there quick and grab him! This technique works well if you're having problems finding the holes. You've gotta be fast, and you've gota be a good swimmer.


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