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How To Clean Catfish

Catfish are currently in demand in the food market by people who are fans of its unique and refreshing taste. What’s more is that they are tricky to catch, thus posing a challenge to any angler who loves the thrill and excitement of fishing.

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It has become a favorite amongst anglers who would never turn down the opportunity to prove themselves by trying to catch the biggest and meanest catfish in the area.

Aside from the thrill they provide, catfish also make a great meal. However, it is important for you to know that each catfish has its own taste, and will be needed to be cooked in a special way. For instance, you would not cook catfish caught in salt water the way you would one caught in fresh water. Aside from just the change in the cooking style, the experience of catching the fish will change too. Most catfish can be categorized depending on their habitat. The more common types of catfish are:

*Blue catfish
*Bullhead catfish
*Flathead catfish
*Channel catfish
*White catfish

Interestingly, the blue and channel catfish are very similar in appearance, to the point that it often gets hard for anglers to tell them apart. This can be attributed to the fact that they’re both blue in color. However, one way you can tell the difference is by looking at their anal fin; it’s straight for blue catfish and rounded for channel catfish.

The white catfish is apparently the most popular of them all, and this is because of its mouthwatering taste. People pay a hefty sum just to savor its white meat. Adding to its popularity is the fact that it is resistant to salt water, and hence can be found in salt water areas.
Catfish needs to be properly cleaned, just like any other meat, before it is ready to cook. Knowing how to clean these fish will not only save you time, but will also help make the preparation much easier. Here are some simple ways on how to clean a catfish.

Cleaning the catfish

The first step of preparing a catfish is of course having one! Fishing for one is the first step in preparation. Next, you will need to use a good sharp knife that will remove the catfish’ head and skin easily enough. Do not be discouraged if you do not get it right the first time, few do. Even the most experienced anglers can have a difficult time removing its head. You will get better with practice though.

If removing the head and skin cannot be done in one move, you can break it down into small steps till it’s complete. Next, use a skillet knife to skin the whole fish. A skillet knife is the best option because it is skinny and can easily slide in between the skin and flesh of the fish.

After skinning, the next step would be to cut off the tail. Once that is done, your next move would be to gut the fish from the neck to its anus. Part it and remove all its insides.

Cooking the Catfish

As soon as you’ve cut the catfish, you will be needed to clean it carefully and thoroughly. Ensuring the fish is completely clean can prove to be a challenge for some, as fish scales can be troublesome to remove. You will need more than an ounce of patience to do this step because if not done correctly, you could end up damaging the meat.

Place the fish under cold running water and run your hands all over the skin. Once you have ensured that all the insides, scales and fins have been removed, place your fish on a clean cutting board.

The recipe for catfish is left up to you to choose. However, you are cautioned to wear gloves while handling the raw catfish because of the bacteria that may be present. The gloves will prevent you from being infected with anything. Also, ensure your kitchen workspace is clean at all times.

Following the guidelines mentioned above will help you enjoy the experience of not only catching catfish, but eating it as well. Once you’ve mastered the art of preparing it, you will be looking forward to it each time.

Always remember that when it comes to catching and preparing a catfish, a lot of patience is required.

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