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The Top 3 Bass Fishing Rigs

Each of these 3 bass fishing rigs is designed to cover a slightly different set of situations out on the water.

I suggest pre-rigging a few of each of these, and bringing them out with you every time you go fishing... especially if you're not totally familiar with the body of water you'll be fishing.

Using the right rig in the right situation can make or break your bass fishing trip, so make sure to follow all the guidelines and recommendations below.

The bottom line: these 3 rigs are popular because they make it easier to catch bass, period. Here's how to set them up, and use them.

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1. The Floating Rig

This is the simplest rig to setup out of the 3. It is specifically designed for floating worms and other types of soft plastic baits.

I recommend using this one around vegetation like weeds, lily pads, brush, and other "natural" cover areas.

These are light weight and will typically "glide" through natural cover without getting hung up. Just make sure to rig the bait in a weedless fashion - with the point of the hook "hidden" inside the body of the bait.

Fish this rig slowly... and focus on moving it at a speed and style similar to how the bait would act in nature.

2. The Texas Rig

A proven winner that will give you an accurate cast so you can get your bait almost anywhere.

Use a "bullet shaped" slip sinker so you can easily get your bait into the bass "bite zone". (Make sure the size/weight of your sinker fits the deptth and habitat of your spot.)

This is a 100% weedless rig as well...so drag it through cover, and don't be afraid to "bump it around" a bit to cause a little bit of a stir. This can cause explosive bass strikes when done properly.

3. The Carolina Rig

Probably the most complicated rig of the 3, but it's perfect for fishing off the bottom. The best part about this rig is it will follow the natural slope on the bottom, and catch the attention of bass in surrounding areas in the process.

Target areas around bottom structure, and I find that if I cast this past my target, and reel it through the area while allowing the bait to bounce around through the bite zone, I get best results.

Bonus Bass Rigs

While the 3 rigs above are all the beginning and intermediate bass fishermen will need, there are many others that work well in certain situations as well.

Examples are the "Linday", fixed sinker, and fixed bobber rigs.

Again, take a varieted of "pre rigged" rods if you can...or at least use snap swivels so you can quickly change out various rigts and quickly and easily...so you've done most of the setup before going out, and can spend more time fishing (and hopefully catching) big bass.

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