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6 Bass Fly Fishing Tactics That Can Trigger "Flying Attacks"

In a word, fly fishing is awesome. It's exciting...fun... and it teaches patience and finesse. Fly fishing for bass is no different.

Warning: it's not easy though. But the rewards are well worth it. The 6 tips and tactics below will help big time.

Before I start, remember... you'll be using a fly rod, rigged with artificial fly lures for this.

If you need to purchase a fly rod, find one with a very flexible tip between 7 and 9 feet long. Obviously, you'll need fly line, and a selection of flies as well.

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Here are 6 bass fly fishing tactics I highly recommend...

1. The Steady Retrieval Technique

With this technique, your just retrieving the bait along the top, and it resembles a swimming bait fish in a hurry to escape.

2. The Strip 'n' Pause Technique

This one is simple, and is probably the one you'll see used for bass most often. To work it, put the tip of your rod just a couple inches above the top of the water... pointing down.

"Strip the fly", which means pull the tip of yoru rod up, forcing the fly to move about 6 inches. Then pause for about 30-60 seconds... and "strip it" again.

Each time, do it about 6 inches...every 30-60 seconds. Bass will hit this one on the pause.

3. The Skating Retrieval Technique

This one works great for smallmouth bass, and it's easy. Just cast a fly downstream. To "skate it" just hold it in place, let the current "bounce it around", and jiggle it a little. Obviously this is for river fishing only, but it works great.

4. The Pop And Drift Technique

Use this in clear water. This is for smallmouths as well. They are easier to "spook" in clear waters. This will prevent that, and put you in a good spot to get some hits. Just cast your fly out and let it drift across the surface. Once it's gotten to an area outside of the "bite zone", give it a hard pop and jerk it back to where you started the drift. Let it drift slowly again...rinse, wash and repeat.

5. The "Dead Drift" Technique

Use this one when the wind is strong. Cast across the water, and allow it to drift downstream. The wind will give it some random movement. Smallmouth bass will follow this for awhile, and then strike.

6. The Pop 'n' Stop Technique

Use this in clear, slow moving water. Cast out, and instead of "stripping" the fly...use a "popping" motion to make it bounce up and down in the water. In other words, you're focusing on vertical (up and down) movement rather than horizontal (back to you) movement.

Bass fishermen are finding some great success with these techniques...and if you're sick of all the same old lures and techniques, I highly recommend giving bass fly fishing a try!

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