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The 5 "Golden Keys" For Catching Largemouth Bass

Let's face it...largemouth bass are the most fished for freshwater species of bass in North America.

One reason for this is they are found almost everywhere. The other is because they grow larger than any other species in the sun fish family. (Yes...they are a member of the sunfish family!)

The biggest largemouth ever hauled in was 22 pounds. Most state records are between 10-15 pounds.

And the most important reason they are so popular? They are exciting to catch... and they taste great on the dinner table.

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Here are 5 "must follow" tips, if you want to squeeze the most catches out of every bass fishing trip:

Tip #1: Fish around their natural habitat. (Duh...)

Bottom line, like with any species of fish, target them in their natural holding zones! They are very particular about where they hang out. Places like the shoreline, in heavy vegitation (lily pads, grass), sunken timber and brush, etc.

These are the spots you need to target...places with cover.

Tip #2: Know the main food source, and serve it!

The bottom line is: the main source of food for most bass in most areas of hte country are crawdads, aka "crayfish".

Yes, they also eat bait fish, but they prever crayfish over just about anything else. They have been conditioned to feed on crawfish over the centuries because they have the exact same natural habitat. Easy prey.

Tests have shown bass will typically hit 4 crawfish to 1 minnow. What does all this mean? If you want to catch more bass, use lures/baits that resemble crawfish.

Tip #3: Use crankbaits.

These are the most popular bass lures for a reason. They work like gangbusters.

There are so many differet shapes/sizes/colors/styles on the market it's mind boggling. Just remember, you only need a few different styles...don't waste your money getting everything under the sun.

The technique is the biggest key to catching bass with crankbait.

Use them in less-than-clear water conditions and/or in weeds.

Simply cast out and "jerk-reel" them back.

I always like to make sure there is some "rattling" action in the ones I use.

Tip #4: Make sure there is enough oxygen.

The more oxygen in the water, the better your chances of catching bass. Low oxygen levels make fish inactive. High oxygen levels make them more likely to attack. Enough said.

Spring and fall have higher oxygen levels. Winter/Summer less so.

In low oxygen conditions, try fishing deeper...

Tip #5: Test live bait using this technique...

If you want to test some live bait, use crawfish. Use this simple technique, when all else fails.

Put on a bobber, with just a 2 or 3 feet of line under it, and attach the live crawfish under that.

Cast into brush, lily pads, weeds, and other cover...and just let your bait swim around.

Watch that bobber...when it dips suddenly, you got him!

Now...get out there and practice, practice, practice... it's the only "guaranteed" way of getting better at anything...including catching largemouth bass!

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