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Killer Smallmouth Bass Baits, Techniques, And Tips For Triggering Stikes

Catching smallmouth bass can be a challenge. Even experienced bass fishermen are boggled by their "patterns" (or lack thereof).

Here are some tips on baits and technique that will help you catch more of 'em...but only if you read every word, and follow the advice.

Tip #1: You must be versatile. The smallmouth bass is very unpredictable and "nomadic". There's no clear, consistent pattern like with many other species of fish. So...instead of trying to figuire out "seasonal behavior" just find a group of spots that are good "holding zones" for smallmouth bass, and rotate through this spots throughout the year. Pick areas that are fairly deep...deeper than a largemouth bass fishing hole.

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Tip #2: Find the school.

Smallmouth bass travel in schools...so when you find one, the fun has just begun.

Some things to remember about finding them: The school will follow baitfish wherever they go. So find the bait, and find the smallies. Also, they love hiding from the current and will hang out in shelter areas like current breaks near bends, channels or holes.

Tip #3: Fish structure almost exclusively.

Structure is a necessity for smallmouth bass. Target shorelines around heavy vegetation and thick weeds. The only exception is fishing deep holes. You see? I told you they are unpredictable. :)

Also try areas near fallen timber, logs, and docks. Make sure you go deep off the edges of the these structures. This are spots smallmouth bass love to use as ambush points. Additionally, find sandy or rocky areas...avoid mud bottoms...and always be on the lookout for steep drop offs.

Tip #4: Test the "tried and true" baits in rotation.

Always be testing this list of baits in every situation and spot you can: buzzbaits, jitterbugs, jerkbaits, and any other topwater baits that look interesting. For the topwaters: the best time to use them is at dawn or dusk. In the mid day hours try using spinners or jig spoons.

A great technique is to cast a jig spoon above a deep drop, and let it sink. Then jig it when you reel in the slack.

Tip #5: Fish the "humps".

Look for bottom "humps" in areas between 8 and 25 feet deep. (You can even go deeper if it's early spring or late fall, and the waters are not as warm.

To fish these areas, I recommend "vertical jigging" a tube jig. You can also vertical jig with a carolina rigged worm or a jig spoon in these areas.

The smallmouths will typically form tight schools at the edge of a hump because it provides shelter from current, and it's also a great ambush spot.

Final advice: smallmouth bass are opportunistic nomads...and you need to be one as well. Cycle through likely spots, and present a variety.

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