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An awesome setup for catching catfish in rivers

This tip was discovered on the Deleware river by a good friend of mine.

What you’ll do is setup a fish finder rig with a 4/0 circle hook.  Use a 4 ounce weight.

Bait the hook with either fresh blue fish chunks or fresh sardine chunks.

Keep the bait almost frozen so the chunks thaw in the water.

Also, you want to keep the chunks fairly big so the small fish won’t keep hooking themselves.

Cast this out into a strong channel and wait for the catfish to hook themselves.

You’ll know because it looks like your pole is about to snap in half. Day after day this method lands nice fish for hours.

Obviously this is for areas where cats are in the 3-5 pound range or so.

Works like a charm!

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One Comment for An awesome setup for catching catfish in rivers

Posted on Thursday 7th March, 2013, 1:05am

I believe that the old school of fishing is the best way.
It been so long since I fish the old school way until I have forgotten how. I fish hard all the long last year, catching little or nothing and I blamed it on the river, because the water was low. If my grandfather was alive I wouldn’t have any problem finding and catching fishes,I sure miss the old school fishing way and it techince techinque.