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“Rear End” Minnow Hooking And Other Crappie Fishing Tricks

Ready for some random crappie tips today?  Great…these all work well…

1. Clip one of the minnow’s fins, and then hook him in the rear end. The minnow will put up more of a struggle to keep himself upright, and will create more action from the crappie.  This will NOT shorten his life if you do it right.

2. Take 2 pieces of christmas tinsel.  (Experiment with colors…I alway use silver…) Tie them about 6″ above the minnow. Boy does this additional flash make a difference.  Try using a multi hook setup, and tie some on above each bait offering.  I know guys who do this on 4 or 5 depth levels on the same line with awesome results.


Gone Fishin’,


6 Comments for “Rear End” Minnow Hooking And Other Crappie Fishing Tricks

Posted on Tuesday 7th May, 2013, 6:33pm

hey I seen a new lure came out on the market called ‘mighty bite’ the lure represents a injured minnow similair to the banjo minnow but more inhanced!!! buymightybite.com


    Posted on Tuesday 25th June, 2013, 4:23pm

    They are a good idea, but you get the same thing at any tackle store with a fluke, numerous colors and sizes. add flash with a bait color pen. Its much cheaper

Posted on Sunday 18th August, 2013, 6:27pm

I was signed up for you walleye and crappie newsletters.
for the last month or two I have not been getting either of them,
please check this out to see why I stopped getting them.
I have read the newsletter and your tips every week and find them very informative and would like to continue receiving them,

Thank you
Charlie — [email protected]

Posted on Thursday 2nd January, 2014, 11:18pm

i am interested but i noticed when you describe an idea, like the Christmas tinsels for creating flash, it would be great to see an example.. some of us are more visual than text comprehension. please forgive my style of learning.

Posted on Saturday 15th February, 2014, 7:09am

I use tin foil. Works great!

Posted on Sunday 2nd March, 2014, 7:23pm

The old trick of minnows in a jar is one I or we have used for many years wile on Lake Shasta fishing off of a large houseboat. This really works great but we used a much larger pickled pigs feet jar, suspended off rear of houseboat or dock at night with a flood light looking down in are where captured bait is, turn off flood light and bait up with live minnows or jig if heavy concentration of fish. Fill your bucket or limit out!! Works decent while parked in cove in daylight too