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Fall Bass Fishing “Color Change”

Just got an email from one of our customers about fall bass fishing.  It’s still several months away, but I wanted to put it out here before I forget.  It’s a great tip that I’ve had success with as well.

When the water starts cooling down (even down as low as 50 degrees), there are still bass to be found in shallow water…in some of their same summer patterns.

Switch to a redish or “craw” color crankbait during this time to see your catch count go through the roof.  (This is what you should be using in the warmer summer months as well.).

Most people use silver or shad colored baits in the fall…but I’ve had some bad results with these.  Just a simple color change to the redish baits will work wonders.

This may not be the case for every body of water…but it works great for areas in South Caroline and California.  Test it out in your spots come fall…just to see. 🙂