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5 "Must Have" Pieces Of Crappie Fishing Tackle

If you're fishing without the 5 "pieces" of crappie fishing tackle below, you're fishin' at a serious disadvantage.

So, let's dig in...

Crappie Fishing Poles

Of course, with crappie, you can "get by" using almost any kind of fishing pole. But... since crappie are smaller and have delicate mouths, you must have a lightweight pole for best results.

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Now, if you are on a tight budget, your good ol' fashioned "cane poles" are the way to go.

You can find a cane pole set at almost any department store... right in the fishing department.

Then, there are fly rods, which are similar to cane poles, but give you more precision when placing your bait.

You can also use telescopic poles which can give you more length so you can easily pitch yoru bait into heavy cover. These can reach a length of 16-18 feet.

Another benefit of these is that you can collapse them so you can carry them ore easily.

Live Bait Tips

Of course, you need to take a little time to stock your tackle box with multiple different types of bait. And live bait is a proven winner.

Now, make sure that the live bait you use, is actually the stuff crappie are feeding on in your particular spots. Best to use natural live bait you catch yourself. The stuff you get from the bait shot usually doesn't have quite the "spunk". (And sometimes it isn't even the same!)

So, once you know what crappie feed on in the area...match it perfectly.

Use a cast net to catch natural live bait. Not only with crappie be more responsive to the bait, but it'll also save you money.

Artificial Bait Tips

Of all the types of artifical baits you can use for crappie...it's jigs that are the proven winners here.

Why? Because there is no end to the possibilities for your jig presentations. From combinations of colors, sizes, types, and movements... you'll be able to find big winners for each different situation.

Plus, if you're not combining live bait with your crappie jigs, you won't need to rebait each time.

For ease, you can find crappie jig "kits" at certain outdoor stores and bait shops.


In most cases the boat you use doesn't really matter all that much. (Of course, you don't want something too huge that makes too much noise.)

But, if you plan to troll for crappie (which I highly recommend when fishing waters you are NOT familiar with), make sure you have one with a trolling motor, and enough spots to fit and fish with multiple rods.

Fish Finders

When you're not getting bites...time to find out why. Invest in a fish finder so you can see what's going on down below, and where the crappie are holding.

Highly recommended.

Make sure to address each of these 5 crappie fishing tackle areas for best results on the water...

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