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3 "Killer Crappie Rigs" That Catch More Crappie In Tough Situations

I'm going to "serve up" 3 killer crappie fishing rigs that can trigger more strikes...giving you more opportunities to catch crappie in a variety of tough situations.

These 3 are tested...tried and true, and can help you catch a crappie limit quickly and easily.

The 3 that I'm talking about are the "texas", "carolina", and the "floater".

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Texas rigs and Carolina rigs you say? "Aren't they used for bass fishing?"

YES...they are...but with a few tweaks they've been proven to catch loads of crappie in certain situations too!

The Texas Rig for Crappie

This is a rig that uses a plastic bait.

You'll need some fishing line, a good crappie hook, and a sinker.

STEP 1: You rig the line with your sinker with the point of the sink weight "up".

STEP 2: Next...tie up an "off set" worm hook to the end of your fishing line, and secure the plastic bait onto the hook.

Use the Texas rig when fishing warmer "pockets" crappie use as shelter from extreme cold during the cold winter months.

The Carolina Rig for Crappie

You'll need a line from your mail reel...a barrel swivel... and about a 6 foot leader line.

You'll also need a light weight, a brass/glass bead/rattle chamber...and of course a hook!

This one is a little more complicated to setup, but is well worth it if you're fishing a downward slope anywhere from 3 feet to 20 feet deep.

STEP 1: tie one end of your leader line (this should be a test line that is 2 pounds less than the main line you are using) to the barrel swivel. Set it aside.

STEP 2: Use a 1/2 ounce bullet or egg sinker and tie it onto your main line...then attach the rattle right below it.

STEP 3: Next, attach the end of your main line to the other end of hte barrel swivel...

STEP 4: Tie your hook to the reamaining end of the leader line...so you'll have about a 3' - 4' leader.

STEP 5: Finally, bait your hook...you're all ready to go!

This rig allows you to stay in constant contact with the bottom...when crappie are holding close to bottom structure.

I also recommend using the Carolina rig for crappie when fishing in grasses.

The "Crappie Floater" Rig

If it's a hot, dry day...this should be your rig of choice!

This is so simple to setup, and allows you to get a quick strike to kick things off.

I usually use this one FIRST in the summer to test a spot.

You'll need a small barrel swivel and of course, a hook.

STEP 1: You're actually going toattach a leader line 3' up from the end of your main line... using that barrel swivel.

STEP 2: Tie your hook (I suggest a light wire hook) to the other end of your leader.

STEP 3: Don't use a weight with this rig...you want it to "float", so make sure the bait you use is somewhat buoyant as well.

Use plastic baits, floating worms...even flies.

This rig works great if you fish rocky areas, dams, levees...situations where you don't want to get hung up on the bottom.

Fish this rig slowly...especially in areas thick with heavy cover or vegitation. This is where the crappie floater rig really shines!

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