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5 "Killer" Crappie Rods, And An
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It's no secret: crappie are relatively "light biters". It is for this reason that I recommend a lightweight rod for fishing crappie.

If you're an old school guy on a tight budget, the good ol' fashioned cane pole is the way to go...and you can find them almost anywhere. If you follow the old adage, "Keep it simple, stupid!", then the cane pole is for you. Heck, some of them don't even have a place to put a reeling mechanism. No frills. Tie the line on the pole...bait up...drop it in, pull it now. No reelin' no fuss.

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If you want a little more control over your bait placment, try a telescopic rod. These will give you a little more length so you can easily pitch your baits into structure and heavy cover areas.

Some of these bad boys get up to 16 or 18 feet long, though this is way overkill for crappie. Stick with something in the 10-12 foot range, and you'll have all the accuracy you need for catching crappie.

An added benefit to the telescopic rod is that you can collapse them for easy transport. In fact, they collapse small enough so that you can stow it away in your car or truck permanently, so if you ever get the urge for fishin' on the road, it's always there.

Here are my personal reviews of some of the better crappie fishing rods out on the market today:

The B'n'M Ultimate Crappie Rod

The rod has been designed to do 1 thing and 1 thing only... CATCH CRAPPIE!

Of course you can also use it for walleye or bass as it is easy to flip, jig, or cast with this versatile rod.

And of course live bait on the end of a jig is no problem either.

This crappie rod is very strong... with amazing tip action. It comes in an 8ft or 10ft model.

One of the best things about the rod is that it is strong enough to haul in larger bass or walleye...but also sensitive enough to pick up even the smallest crappie nibbles.

I highly recommend this...my top choice.

The Ozark Crappie Spinning Rod

This baby is put togethe rusing an IM7 graphite structure, which is extremely light weight and sensitive.

It's got a cork handle and quality guides made from stainless steel.

You can use it for spin fishing, and boasts long casts compared to other similar rods.

Similar to the B'n'M rod, it is strong enough for larger game fish, but sensitive enough for light crappie bites as well.

Quantum Xtralite XP Crappie Rod

You a serious crappie fisherman? If so, you need a rod that will last through even the toughest abuse.

This rod was designed by Todd Huckabee and handles 2 crappie fishing techniques extremely well: trolling and dipping

The handle is made from natural cork and has an excellent ultralight action.

Daiwa Spinmatic-X Spinning Rod

While not made specifically for catching crappie, this rod really can get the job done!

It's got a very unique design that is perfect for precision hook sets...accurate casting, and a very sensitive feel.

All of this is because of a design that is used for casting transport lines which run to the tip of the fishing rod.

16" UL Crappie Bluegill Genz Stix Gold Ice Fishing Rod

This review would not be complete without mentioning a good ice fishing rod!

This one is made with "precision ground solid graphite blanks", along with "Dyna-flo guides."

These resist the freezing cold temperatures, and will not lock up because of the ice.

These were designed by Dave Genz, and I love them.

In the end, this is just a starting point onfinding a quality crappie rod. Make sure to expand your research to find the right crappie fishing rod for your area and bodies of water you fish. That's the most important thing. Matching the tool to the job. :)

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Question #1:

Are you a man or a woman?