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1 Killer "Crappie Tube" That Catches 'Em Like Crazy... And How To Make Your Own!

Ah, the soft plastic tube bait - for crappie... some of the most effective baits there are. The big benefit of these, is they can be molded into any shape you wish... and you can have combinations of different colors added to them...along with scents.

One of the most productive tube baits of all time was invented by a guy named Bobby Garland in the 1970's. It's called the "Gitzit Tube". It worked so well for bass that a smaller version was made for crappie...with amazing results. It is still one of the best tube baits of all time for crappie...over 40 years later!

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Now, crappie tube jigs are very inexpensive...so I understand if you want to go out and get some Gitzit tubes and start catching.

But I hgihly suggest you try to make your own. It's fun, easy, safe...and if you do it right, you can create a tube jig that catches crappie like wild fire!

What you'll need:

* A pair of work gloves
* Goggles
* An apron
* Long pants
*Long sleeve shirt
* A microwave oven
* A 2-cup Pyrex glass measuring cup
* Molds
* Injectors
*Soft liquid plastic (plastisol)
* Coloring and scent
* Vegetable oil

You can find most of the equipment you'll need online. Search for tube molds and you'll find all you need.

Let's get started...

STEP 1: Lubricate the inside of hte molds with vegetable oil, and clamp the 2 halves together.

STEP 2: Shake your bottle of plastisol for at least a minute to get it mixed well. Then stir it for another minute using a stir stick.

STEP 3: Next, pur the plastisol (1 cup) into the measuring cup. You can get about 12 tubes out of this...of course this depends on how big your molds are.

STEP 4: Put the cup into the micraowave on high for about 2-3 minutes. Take it out immediately if it starts to smoke.

STEP 5: When you pull it out, add color, scent, glitter, etc...then stir it until it is fully mixed. If you want to use more than 1 color, use multiple cups and injectors...each with a seperate color inside.

STEP 6: Next up, fill the injector about 1/2 full with the mixed plastisol.

STEP 7: Put the tip of the injector into one of the holes on your mold. Make sure to keep the mold above the injector so the mold fills from the bottom up. This is key.

STEP 8: Very slowly, push the plunger on the injector until plastisol begins to flow out. Some molds have more than one cavity, and if this is the place repeat this process for the other ones.

STEP 9: Now put your mold aside and let it cool.

STEP 10: When the mold is cool, carefully seperate the 2 halves of the mold and slide the tube out. They are very delicate becuse you are not done yet. Set the tube aside to fully cool for at least 12 hours. (I always let them sit overnight.)

Next...get out and fish! There's no limit to what you can create...experiment with scent, colors, "flash"... and use more of what works!

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