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Strike-Triggering Crappie Fishing Techniques Discovered On America's #1 Crappie Fishing Lake

In my opinion... the #1 crappie fishing lake in America is, without question, Lake Weiss.

This article will focus on some killer techniques discovered on the lake, techniques which have given great results on other lakes around the country as well.

For your quick information: Lake Weiss is 30,200 acres, and is located in northeast Alabama. There are 4 free public access areas, and 37 privately run Marina services. It is fed by the Coosa, Chttooga, and Big rivers. It's got 447 miles of shoreline, large coves, drop offs, flats, and channels.

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The best way to pull in loads of crappie on Lake Weiss, and other lakes that allow it is by "Spider Fishing".

You'l rig 10-15 rods off the sides of your boat... each one rigged with 2 (or more) hooks or jigs each. You'll fish these about 8-10 feet deep and do some slow trolling through likely crappie hot spots.

Another way to do it is to fish vegetation using 10-20 foot rods rigged with 2-hook crappie rigs.

For both of these setups, use 2-inch minnows.

Here's my favorite crappie rig to use, just in case you need some pointers:

STEP 1: Tie a light bell sinker, or multiple split-shots on the end of your fishing line.

STEP 2: Hookup a #4 Aberdeen hook onto a dropper loop that is about a foot and a half (18 inches) above the sinker.

STEP 3: Next, throw on another hook on a different dropper loop about a foot above the other one.

STEP 4: Fish this rig "vertical style"...with a tight line from shore...or under a slip bobber, or under a normal float.

Another super-productive technique to try is rigging one (or 2) marabou jigs below a float...and give them some action with some short jerks. Best colors for this one are chartreuse and yellow.

There have been some great results with spinners as well, out on the lake. Try testing some of the following: Mepps Aglias, Black Fury, Panther-Martins, Roostertails, and Blue Fox spinners.

A list of great crankbaits to test are small sized Big O, Fat Rap, Heddon's Worm, and "little minnows".

You'll always want to try using some softer plastic jigs like small sizes of Cabella's "Crappie Critters", Sassy Shad, Bassasins, tube jigs, and "Little Fishies".

Also...Lake Weiss (and many other lakes around North America) are tailor made for fly fishing. Here are the patterns that have worked with huge success on crappie: Clouser Minnows, Streamers (green, chartruese, and yellow), the Black Dace, and small Puglisi-Style shad patterns. (Plus, anything that resembles a minnow will trigger some strikes.)

Now... if you're on the lake and the crappie bite has shut down, here's a little trick you can use to stimulate some action.

Rig a marabou jig below a topwater lure, and work them both in towards you. Crappie see this and see a smaller predator fish chasing a small bait. This drives crappie crazy, and they'll move in for the snatch.

And remember...most lakes are a little lower in the summer, which makes suspending crappie easier to find. So keep going strong in the summer...find the structure and heavy cover.

Now get out there and put some of these lake crappie fishing tips to the test... whether you're on Lake Weiss or any other lake...

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Question #1:

Are you a man or a woman?