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4 "Quick Strike" Lake Perch Fishing Techniques

First, you've gotta find them. Really, you can find perch anywhere throughout the lake... though they'll mainly be found near the bottom of the lake. The good thing is, they are a schooling fish, so if you find one, there's almost always more. A lot more.

Another tendancy you need to be aware of is they almost always stay within close proximity of their favorite piece of cover. They'll come out and swim around, but they always stay close, moving into and out of the cover all day.

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As for your tackle...fish with light tackle. This includes number 8 hooks, and around 4-6 pound test line.

You'll have best results with a stiff rod and an ultra light reel.

This lightweight tackle will allow you to feel bites...down to the slightest nibble.

Here are 4 techniques you can use for lake perch. They can work well in any size like...as long as it holds perch.

Lake Perch Technique #1: Jigging.

I love jigging because it allows you to quietly drop your bait into the bite zone without spooking the perch. Just start on the outside edge of the school and work inward for more bites.

Lake Perch Technique #2: Casting.

You can cast from a boath or from shore. Cast just past the area you're targetting and work your bait through the area slowly, with small jerks.

Lake Perch Technique #3: Drifting.

There are 2 different methods of drift fishing for perch. First, you can drift from the shore. Just go up-current and drop your line in. Let the current sweep your bait through and past likely perch holding-zones.

If you want to drift from a boat, get your rod ready, and cut the engine. Just allow the boat to drift with the current while you fish and let your bait bounce on the bottom.

Lake Perch Technique #4: Fly Fishing.

Yes... fly fishing. Works great. You own't need weights of any kind because you want your flies to float towards the top of the water...usually in the shallows.

For best results, use a fly rod that is around 7-8 feet long. You want your line to be a bit thicker than normal so it will help arry yoru fly to the strike-zone.

Experiment with various colors, both bright and bland. Slide them across the top of the water for best results.

What Baits Work Best For Lake Perch?

Perch are not as picky as other species of game fish when it comes to bait. They'll eat almost anything they can fit into their mouths.

Obviously, stick to the baits they feed on naturally. And if you're using soft plastic baits, make sure they resemble minnows, worms, or grubs.

I also recommend trying spinner rigs and spoons for lake perch. Perch are many times attracted to bright, flashy objects...so test a variety of shapes and colors.

Any time they're more picky than normal, serve up some small minnows...along with worms and night crawlers. Going back to the basics when things get tough always seems to work well...

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