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An "Old Timers" Minnow Bait Trap

Every old school crappie fisherman knows that using natural live minnows is some of the best bait you can ever use... and making a good minnow trap is the best way to keep a steady supply of natural live minnows on hand.

Here are some simple instructiosn for making your own "old timers" minnow trap using things you have in your own home. (Anything you don't have can be purchased at any hardware store...)

First, you'll take some half-inch or 1/4 inch hardward cloth, and make a "basket" with it about a foot square. The hardware cloth should be 1 foot by 3 feet long.

Use a 2X4 board to weigh the cloth in 1 foot long sections so you can mold it into the shape of a box. Each side will be 1 foot long obviously.

Lace the ends with small weight wire. What you'll do is cut pieces of cloth to fit the ends, and lace them with more wire. Tie it securly.

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Next, you'll cut off 2 pieces of the cloth and put it on the other end so it makes a "v".

Tie them up on the outer edges, while allowing them to swing free like a door.

Next, throw some dry dog food, bread, or anything else you like to use for minnow chum, and put it in a shallow area with lots of cover, in the water, overnight.

Check it in the morning, and there should be a good bit of minnows stuck inside that cannot find their way out.

Here's another simle "Old Time" Minnow Trap you can make... it works great, and can put your kids to work because it's fun too.

Here's what you'll need:

* 2 three liter soda bottles. (2 liter ones will work as well...)

* 1 big nail

* Some twine or cotton-based string

* Scissors (heavy duty)

* Vice grip pliers

* Wire pliers (regular)

* A utility knife (sharp...adults ONLY!)

* A candle

* Matches

* 1 bowl of cold water

STEP 1: Cut off the bottom 1/3 of one bottle. Throw it away, but keep the bottle cap for the part you are keeping.

STEP 2: Cut the second bottom at the neck and shoulders, about 1/2 inch below where the bottle begins to straighten out. Feel free to toss the bottom part of this bottle, and the cap as well. You won't need it.

STEP 3: Next, gather the bowl of cold water, candle, nail, and your bottle pieces close together. "Sit" the uncapped bottle onto the capped bottle top. Make sure the "top" points downard so it is like a funnel, allowing the minnow to swim down into the capped bottle top, and so it will be unable to escape.

STEP 4: Now, hold the 2 bottle tops together in one hand and put the tip of your nail in the flame coming off the candle...until it gets so hot it's red. Take this heated nail tip to make small holes around the edges of the two bottles. Make about 12 holes...then sew the 2 bottles together by threading twine through the holes and tie it off.

STEP 5: Ok, now reheat the nail and use it to put several holes in the bottom bottle...so allow the scent of your "minnow chum" out into the water.

STEP 6: Throw some pet food, crackers, bread crumbs, or anything else that minnows in your area like...and lower your trap into areas where minnows school. Make sure to tie it to something stable. Leave it over night.

Next morning your trap will have a bunch of minnows...enough for a few hours of fishing at least! So... get out there and catch some natural live minnows...for lots of crappie catches!

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