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How To Catch Flounder: Bait, Rig, And Technique Combinations That Make 'Em Bite

Some of the hottest flounder fishing is found right off the east coast of the United States. There are 4 main species of "flounder" and you'll fish for them in the same way.

The average flounder is about 12-15 inches long, and a big challenge is to "feel" the unique way they take bait. Typically they "grab" the bait softly, hold it in their mouths, and begin to retreat to a "feeding" area. So many times a flounder "bite" feels like a snag. Learn to recognize this and you'll catch more.

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If you try to set the hook to "soon", you might just pull half the bait out of his mouth. So when you feel that "snag", wait 5-10 second, and THEN set the hook.

Keep in mind that flounder are known as ambush predators. They lay in wait at the bottom of the ocean for unsuspectding prey to attack. So you'll be fishing along the bottom most often.

The most productive part of the year for catching flounder is September to November. This is the middle of the migration season, and they'll be more active during this time.

I recommend a 7 foot medium stiff casting rod with a bait casting reel.

You can even use a "standard" flounder rig which includes a 4/0 circle hook on a 30 pound test monofilament leader line.

When setting up your rig, take 3 things into account. Water depth, bottom terrain, and current. They'll feed off the bottom, so you'll want to get your bait down there in whatever condition presents itself.

Awesome tip: test a jig tipped with a live shrimp or small finger mullet. There has been a lot of success catching flounder this way.

Also, don't overlok mud minnows and squid for catching flounder. If you go with mullet or minnows, make sure to hook them through the lips, with the initial entry point through the lower jaw.

Here's the recommended technique for catching flounder:

Cast your bait and let your rig drop down to the bottom. Work it slowly up and down. Slow is the key. Remember, flounder are laying in wait for "easy pickin's". No quick movements, just nice and easy.

Hope you enjoy the tips, and hope they help you catch more flounder! :)

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