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Pier Fishing Breakthrough: 1 "Obvious" Tip
And 4 Inside Secrets

Pier fishing is probably the easiest way to get started fishing. It's also something the entire family can enjoy. You can fish the pier any time of day or night (depending on local regulations).

There are a huge variety of fish you can catch off the pier, and I'm going to serve up some inside strategies for catching as many fish as possible from the pier.

First off, I recommend a stiff, slow action, medium rod. You want one between 6 and 7 feet.

And always remember your advantages: (1) when fishing from a pier you can see more of the water, better. Be on the lookout for fish jumping, or birds diving into the water after bait...and obviously target those areas. (2) Don't forget, you can cast much farther because you are so much higher... so never hesitate to "try" reaching good spots far off.

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Now for the "obvious tip" and "4 inside secrets" for slamming fish from the pier...

"Obvious Tip": drift your bait under the pier, and around the pillars.

These areas will give you the best chances of catching lots of fish, because that's where the bait fish tend to hang out.

Inside Secret #1: get a bottom contour map of the area, and fish ledges and other bottom structure. Also target weeds and rocks you can see from the pier. These areas can be "hot zones" for strikes.

Inside Secret #2: Fish at night...and target areas of the water that are illuminated by light from the pier. Baitfish are attracted to the light, and game fish will come to feed. Target the outside edges of the lighted areas.

Inside Secret #3: When fishing during the day, use a good pair of polarized sunglasses. These will actually help you see "through" the water so you can locate fish... AND see you rline better. These really can increase your catch count dramatically.

Inside Secret #4: Watch the birds. If you see flocks of birds either floating on the surface, or diving into the water, you're watching a fishing hot spot unfold. Cast to these areas and hold on to your hat!

Just a few other random tips to help you catch more fish from the pier:

1. Keep a variety of bait on hand, and test it all in a rotation. Don't be afraid to bring a selection of artifical lures as well... just make sure to match it with the type of food the fish feed on naturally.

2. Travel light, especially if you'll only be fishing for a few hours or less. No need to always bring a full heavy tackle box if you already know what you are fishing for. Just pack a small bag with the essentials you'll need on your short trip to the pier.

3. During peak season, there WILL be tangles, because it is so crowded. Be prepared to deal with it in a diplomatic way.

That's it... enjoy your next pier fishing trip!

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