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Which Of These Saltwater Fishing Rigs Will Catch The Most Fish For You?

No matter where you fish, or what species you're trying to catch, you need to decide what type of fishing rig you are going to use.

Which rig works best depends on what you're trying to catch.

First, I'm going to give you some "general" tips about setting up almost ANY fishing rig, followed by some of the most product rigs to try for different fishing conditions.

Things to remember: the "heavy dutiness" of your rig needs to match the size species of fish you are targetting. If it's "too heavy duty", you'll unnecessarily turn the fish off because it will be too visible. Not heavy duty enough? You risk losing a fish in the middle of the fight because your rig isn't strong enough. It's a delicate balance.

And always, always, always use sharp hooks.

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Rule of thumb on sinkers: use the lightest weight sinker you can to get the job done. If the weight you select is "overkill", it could hurt your technique. If it's too light, you won't be able to get to the bottom.

Rule of thumb on bait: you need to make sure the size (and type) of bait you use is "congruent" with the type of rig you are using... and the species/size of fish you are targetting.

Make sure to use Palomar knots for attaching hooks.... and dropper loops for adding leaders and weights.

Here are the type of saltwater fishing rigs you should consider testing, depending on what size and species of fish you're trying to catch:

1. The Circle Hook Rig

This rig is versatile and easy to setup. Great for beginners.

2. The Dropper Rig

This is great for vertical fishing, an allows you to put multiple baits on the line... to test what bait the fish are biting on, and to give yourself a chance at multiple hookups.

3. The Sliding Trace Rig

This one works best when fishing around reefs and heavy structure. This rig rarely tangles, so you can spend more time fishing and less time untangling a rats nest.

4. The 2-Hook Pilchard Rig

Another very versatile rig. Works well when fishing from shore, in the surf.

5. The Floating Bead Trace Rig

Another great one for surf fishing.

Also, consider testing these other popular rig setups: the ledger, kingfish, ballyhoo, and snapper rigs. Obviously these are species specific, but can also be used for other typesof fishing.

Bottom line: choose the right rig for the job for best results. Your day of fishing will only be as good as your "weakest link", and don't let that be your rig! :)

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