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4 "Quick Hit" Tips For Catching Saltwater Stripers

Want a good "fish fight"? Catch a big striper. That's the one thing you can count on when you hook one using the tips below.

These guys can be caught any time of the day, but they are active night feeders...and if you're serious about catching them, that's when you'll fish. At night.

If you do fish for them during the day, they have extremely good eyesight, and if the water visibility is good, you'll need to make sure to use invisible fishing line...and to make sure your hook is hidden.

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Stripers are a migratory fish that travel in schools. So, if you catch one, there are more to be had...all of which will be "about" the same size as your first.

Also, bait coloring does not matter as much as it does with other fish.

Here are some other striper fishing tips:

Tip #1: Fish for saltwater stripers when the tide is coming in, or right after the low tide. Target rivermouths, rocky shorelines, and shallow bays.

Don't be afraid to cast into the surf as well when the time is right.

Tip #2: If you're in a boat, and you aren't sure where to start, go trolling. Go at a steady 4-6 knots, and keep your fishing lines about 100 yards or so behind the boat.

Tip #3: Fish with live bait that includes: shrimp, sardines, shad, threadfin, and blood worms. Make sure it is fresh!

Tip #4: If you want to use artificial baits, test jigs, diving plugs, and spoons. Selection options that look most-similar to a stripers natural food source in the area.

Tip #5: Whether you use live bait or artificial bait, pick sizes that correspond to the usual size of stripers in the area. Some experimentation is needed here, so when fishing a spot for the first time, try a variety of sizes and see what gets the best results. The rule: large bait gets less bites, but bigger fish. Small bait gets more bites, but smaller fish. Pick your poison. :)

Be patient when you're fishing for stripers...they can be tough to catch...but your patience will be rewarded when you haul one in. It's awesome. Enjoy!

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