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A Simple 6 Step Checklist For
Catching Walleye With Jigs

This 6 step walleye jig fishing checklist can bring you more success on the water, period. None of this is hard, and a lot of it is common sense...but I'm still shocked by how many people I see making litle mistakes that are costing catches.

Knowing how best to use them, along with some special circumstances you'll encouter (and how to deal with them) can make all the difference in the world.

1. Stick to the bottom of the lake or river at first because this is where walleye spend most of their time.

Size your jig right so it bounces along the bottom...but don't go "too big" or you'll get far fewer bites. (Of course the bites you will get will be from bigger fish...) (You also don't want your jig to be too light, or you'll have a hard time keeping it down where it needs to be.)

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2. Look around and "notice" how much "soft structure" exists.

If you'll be spending a lot of time fishing in heavy cover like this, make sure to use jigs that are bold enough to attract some attention, and "tough enough" to pull through the weeds.

3. Take a variety jigs, and test, test, test.

There are hundreds of different shapes and sizes of walleye jigs. Each of them works better in certain situations, and not as well in oth ers.

If you'll be doing a lot of casting and vertical jigging, use "ball style" jigs. You can use them in current and outside the current.

You can also troll and drift fish with them.

If you'll be throwing directly into weeds, try using a swimming jig. Pick one that is long and flat, and has a hook eye on the front.

For heavy current I recommend pancake style walleye jigs, or current cutters.

4. Test color combinations.

There's no "one best color". Just slight variations in color will trigger better results on any given day, and in different conditions. Test a variety, and don't be afraid to break the rules.

5. Work those jigs!

Test different "action" with your jig. Walleye go through different "phases" during a 24 hour period, and sometimes they like it slow and steady...sometimes fast and erractic. It all depends on their mood and the conditions in the water.

I always give my jigs at least a little action, at least every 60 seconds.

6. Use multiple presentations.

Two rods are always better than one. And you don't even need 2 rods if you use a multi-bait rigging. The idea is to test different presentations and depths at the same time to get a feeling for what works best, and what depth they are striking.

This works especially well if you're not familiar with the spot, or you're just having a hard time getting any action.

If using 2 rods, why not float one, and put one in the bottom...and a 3rd rod targetting somewhere in between? All with different baits.

Stick to this general checklist to help catch more walleye per hour spent fishing.

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