Who Am I?

My name is Dan. My fascination with fishing goes far beyond the hobby itself... it extends into the old time "lore" of fishing in North America.

The beating heart of this national passtime rests outside the cities and suburbs... and into the backwoods of our land. It is in these rural areas where an old school fishing brotherhood was born.

Generations of fathers, sons, grandfathers and friends have fished these areas over the last 300 years... testing, tweaking, experimenting... all trying to climb inside the mind of a fish... manipulate him... and trigger a strike.

It's this old world knowledge -- handed down through the ages -- that excites me most..

You see, these guys didn't do it purely for the love of it.

Many of them had to fish for survival.

And when the fish you catch feeds hungry little mouths, you do whatever it takes... and over the years you're bound to discover amazing techniques for hauling 'em in hand over fist.

It's the decades of experimentation, family fishing secrets, and little "tricks of the trade" that make all the difference.

That's why I've spent the last 7 years of my life tracking down as many old school fishermen as I could find. Some of them wanted nothing to do with this "young whipper-snapper"... but most of them are really nice.

And I've teamed up with a bunch of them... some of the best "old school" fishermen in North America... and we're on a mission to keep fishing alive by educating thousands of fishermen about these little insider tips, tricks, strategies, best practices, and family secrets.

In an age of Iphones, laptops, and realitiy TV.

In an age where kids lead sedentary lives...and obesity is at an all time high.

It an age where a lower percentage of people call themselves "fishermen" every year.

We reveal the secret world of the old school fishing brotherhood.

If you like catching fish... of almost any species... you're definately in the right place.