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"Wacky" Bass Fishing Tips That
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Before I get to these "unique" (to say the least) bass fishing tips, some quick notes about the most commonly caught bass species. Keep these notes in mind as you absorb the tips...

Largemouth bass use smell and vibration to locate prey, though are mainly sight feeders. They are ambush hunters, and like to hide and "pounce" on their prey, swallowing them whole. They prefer slow-moving waters with lots of cover. They can be caught year-round.

Smallmouth bass typically like the same conditions as a trout does. Moderately flowing water, that is clear...and slightly warmer... around 70-70 degrees. They are "ambush" predators like the largemouth. The same baits work for smallmouth as for largemouth, except the sizes should be smaller.

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Tip #1: Here's a great way to catch both largemout and smallmouth. First, hook a live worm "wacky style", which is right through the center. Next, hook a minnow on there, on the same hook so the worm extends on either side of the minnow.

To bass, this looks like the minnow is trying to swallow the worm...and instinct drives the bass crazy when they see this. "2 for the price of 1."

Tip #2: Hook up a live crawfish, worm, or other bait fish underneath a bobber. Toss it out there in a likey bass holding zone. With a seperate rod, rig a jig, crankbait, or spinner and cast it past your bobber rig. Then just reel it hard, and rip it right past the bobber. To bass, it looks like another predator is about to hit the bait, and they'll move in for the kill.

Tip #3: If you ever fish with live bait, try using a minnow. Use some clippers to clip the lower tail of the minnows tailfin. Then, turn it loose on the end of your line. It will swim with a "wounded wiggle" that drives bass nuts.

Tip #4: If the bass are sluggish, and you can't get a bite...right up a soft blastic minnow-style bait/jig about 24 inches under a tow water lure like a popper or a "chugger". The noise of the topwater with bring the bass to your presentation...and they will see a "helpless" bait fish right underneath. This rig is classic for getting double hookups - a bite on the minnow-bait, and a bit on the topwater!

Tip #5: in the winter, in the cold (and even under ice), use an ice-fishing rod. Spool it with 8 pound test line. Use a #7 Rapala Minnow, but remove the treble hooks and replace with single small hooks. Try a silver/black color.

Drill a hole in the ice over 20 feet of water with weeds at the bottom (or another type of structure).

Drop the bait all the way to the bottom and jig it up and down...slowly. Maybe a full range of 12 inches of jigging. This works great in cold conditions, and especially under ice!

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