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5 Striped Bass Fishing Tips For Using Their Instincts To Your Advantage

Striped bass (aka "stripers") are the biggest species in the bass family. That's the draw. It's a thrilling fight, and catching stripers that weigh 40 pounds plus is entirely possible.

Along with the 5 tips below, I recommend learning all you can about a striped bass' habitat and food sources in the areas you'll be fishing. Also, get a lot of sleep...and bring a gaff. These guys are fighters!

Now... here are my 5 striped bass fishing tips:

Tip #1: Start off fishing close to the shore, this is where you'll have the best results. Fish the shallows because they like to hang around these areas to pick up an easy meal.

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Tip #2: In the springtime stripers migrate into channels to pick a spot to spawn. Like with many specis, this is easy pickin's...and the best time to catch them in freshwater.

Tip #3: Stripers are active night feeders, and "night time" is the "right time" to fish them. They'll also be more active feeders on rainy days.

Tip #4: Keep quiet. This goes without saying. They spook.

Tip #5: Best baits for striped bass include: herring, eels, shrimp, and sea worms. Of course you can catch them with artificial baits as well.

I recommend spending time to talk with other fishermen with experience in your area... you'll learn a ton if you approach them in the right way. Also keep an eye on the fishing reports.

Bonus Striper Fishing Tips

Bonus Tip #1: Test a variety of fishing styles during different times of the year. Examples are: surf fishing, casting, bottom fishing, and trolling.

Bonus Tip #2: Stripers love to face the current... which begs for a strategy of casting a bait just upstream from a great hiding place for stripers. Let that bait follow the current right past these spots and you'll be putting it right in front of their faces.

Bonus Tip #3: Striped bass move around a lot as the temperature changes, so adjust your fishing accordingly. When it gets hot, they go deep...when it cools down they'll be up closer to the surface.

Finally, experiment, experiment, experiment. They day you stop testing new things is the day you stop getting better.

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