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Catchin' Crappie In Texas: "Hot Zone" Fishing Spots, Tactics And Tips

Texas is one of the biggest crappie fishing states, and we're about to cover some of the hottest spots, tactics, and tips for catching crappie in The Lone Star State.

Many of the reservoirs, lakes, and rivers in the great state of texas are ripe for some serious crappie fishing. These waters provide the perfect environment for crappie to thrive. In fact, once you find a school of crappie, the tips below will help you catch an easy limit.

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Make sure to know all the rules and regulations for fishing crappie in Texas. And remember, your daily limit for keeper crappie is 25...and they must all be 10" long or more. Take note of all seasonal regulations as well.

"Hot Zone" Texas Fishing Spots

Texas is the "Disneyland" of crappie fishing because there are so many hot spots in the state. Most bodies of water in Texas are filled to the brim with crappie. Here are some of best places to fish for crappie:

* Cooper Lake

* Stanford Reservoir

* Lake Kemp

* Eagle Mountain Lake

* Lake Caddo

* Lake Corpus Christi

... and so many more.

The current state crappie fishing records were caught in Navarro Mills Lake and Lake Fork.

How To Catch Crappie In Texas

You'll want to pick one of these 4 main crappie fishing techniques: trolling, drifting, casting and still-fishing.

Baits you want to go with are: live bait (minnows, minnows, minnows!), lures, and jigs.

Through most months of the year, crappie will be in water 5' - 10' deep... and they will submerge deeper when it heats up... to around 25' and below. They also hang out deeper at night.

If you're fishing Texas crappie in the spring, target them in shallow cover where trees, branches and/or stumps are... around ledges, rocks, and other cover.

Again, when things get hotter in the summer, you've got to fish deeper.

During the fall, go shallow to about 15' deep during the early morning and evening... and when it is midday, they'll go deeper.

Wintertime: they get a bit sluggish and will be much deeper than usual...the good news is they'll be hanging out in large schools/groups.

Remember...there is a lot of variety in Texas, and a lot of places to choose from. Use the tips above to cover most situations... you'll never get bored crappie fishing in Texas. :)

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