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The "Right" Bobber For Catfish Fishing?

The number of people showing interest in catfish fishing is growing. The sport’s popularity is growing with every passing year. This is mostly because catfish fishing is a fun-filled activity one would love to indulge in for as long as they can.

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It is an activity that can be enjoyed by anglers of all ages. Don’t ever pass an opportunity to fish for catfish. For those who have been looking to start participating in this fantastic sport, there’s no better time to begin than now. 

One factor that makes catfish fishing fun is the rush one gets from catching a monstrous fish. Catfish are known for their aggressive nature. They love putting up a fight before getting caught. This is what makes the sport even more fun. 

Before going catfish fishing, you have to ensure that you are adequately equipped with the right gear. Not having the right equipment pretty much translates to you not catching anything substantial. Organize your tackle in such a way that you know what to use for what type of fish. Most people don’t know but how you choose to organize your fishing equipment will greatly influence your success or failure in catfish fishing. 

An organized tackle will save you time. You will be able to know what equipment to use in a given situation and where it’s kept. That said; always ensure that all your fishing lines, baits, poles, hooks and bobbers are kept in a well-organized manner. 

One equipment that a huge percentage of fishermen don’t know about is the bobber. People always have different opinions on bobbers. Some say that only inexperienced fisher men should use them. Others on the other hand say that it is impossible to fish without a bobber. 

A bobber is one fishing equipment that will make fishing much easier for you. It will help you know if your fishing line is being pulled. This is why it is always recommended to new anglers. The bobber should always be placed properly for it to function. 

Types of bobbers used in catfish fishing

Straw floats

These are amazing for catching catfish in areas where there are a lot of obstacles or underwater plants. Just like the name suggests, straw floats are made from straws. A straw which separates your line from the float is attached to the bobber. The purpose of the float is to prevent your line from getting tangled up. 

Pole floats

Pole floats are bobbers that serve the sole purpose of providing your line with stability and weight. Their high durability makes them perfect for fishing in rough waters. They will always stay intact no matter what. Pole floats are made of wood coated in epoxy. This makes them highly resistant to cracking or breaking. If you are looking for a bobber that is large, weighty and durable, then these will be your best options. 

Foam floats

These bobbers are the standard type. They have a variety of uses and come in a whole range of colors and sizes. They durability is something to write home about. They can be easily replaced. Foam floats also float high on the water, a feature that makes them easily visible. 

How to choose the right bobber for the right catfish

Now that you finally have the grasp on the different types of catfish bobbers, the next thing you need to know is how to choose the perfect one. Some bobbers are meant to be used for specific uses, in specific waters and for catching specific fish. Others on the other can be used in any type of waters and for catching any type of fish. 

Comfort is an important factor to consider when choosing the perfect bobber. Don’t pick any fishing equipment that you are not comfortable using. Look for something that will work for you best. All experienced anglers will tell you that when it comes to choosing the best fishing equipment, your instinct should be your guide. Let your instinct also guide you in catfish fishing. Going against it will deter you from reaching your maximum potential in as far as this wonderful sport is concerned. Find a bobber that is best suited to your needs. 

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