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3 "Strike Triggering" Catfish Rigs

The rig you use for catching catfish must match the bait you're using, and the situation you are fishing in.

Today I'm going to go through 3 simple (and effective!) catfishing rigs that will cover 95% of the situaitons you find yourself in out on the water. (The last one is a multi-bait rig... and it happens to be my personal favorite.)

Before we begin, I recommend using a Palomar knot for toying swivels and hooks to the line. I've been using it for years. It is easy to tie, and very strong. Use it with 10 pound fishing line.... and/or braided line.

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To tie it:

STEP 1: start by making a pretty big loop at one end of your line. Next, just pinch the loop in half, and pass it through the eye of the hook or swivel.

STEP 2: Next, tie a standard overhand knot.

STEP 3: Then, pass your loop over the hook, and pull on both ends. (Before you pull the ends make sure to use some of your spit to lubricate the ends...get in the practice of doing this to guarantee tight knots.) Pull this as tight as you can.

STEP 4: Trim any extea line off the end.

Basic Catfish Fishing Rig Instructions

STEP 1: Pass your fishing line through the eye of your sinker. (Use a 1 ounce sinker...that should be enough.)

STEP 2: Tie on a barrel swivel to the end of your fishing line. (Make sure your barrel swivel is big enough so that the sinker will not slide off the line...)

STEP 3: Make a leader line that is between 12" and 18" long.

STEP 4:Tie a snap swivel on one end of your leader line. (This allows you to have multiple leader lines that are easily snapped on and off your main line...)

STEP 5: Tie a hook on the other end of your leader.

STEP 6: Create several different leader lines in a variety of lengths, and sizes of hooks.

My Catfish Slip Bobber Rig

Use this one when fishing shallow waters.

STEP 1: Put a slip bobber onto your main fishing line.

STEP 2: Tie a barrel swivel to the end of your line.

STEP 3: Make a leader line between 12" and 18" long. (You can actually go up to 24" long, for various situations.)

STEP 4: Tie a hook on one end of your leader, and a snap swivel on the other end. (With the snap swivel, you can quickly swap out different leaders with different hooks/baits.)

STEP 5: If you are able to figure out the right depth your bait should be, use a bobber stop to get your bait down to that dept. You can even use a pice of twine, a rubber band, or other clips for this. All you want to do is prevent line from going through the bobber at that point...so your bait goes to the right spot.

Two Hook Cat Fishing Rig

STEP 1: Create a loop in your line.

STEP 2: Twist your loop a few times so that you can easily tie a knot. Tie the knot. (Make sure there is still a loop in the line after you have tied the knot.

STEP 3: Go up the line 18" to 24" and make another loop following steps #1 and #2. (These loops are there to give you a place to snap or tie your swivels to so you can attach your leader lines.)

STEP 4: At the end of your mian line, tie on a 1 ounce sinker. (Minimum.)

STEP 5: Create 2 leader lines, complete with a snap swivel on 1 end, and a hook on the other. These should be between 12" and 18" long. (Make sure the leader lines are not too long so they tangle up with eachother.)

STEP 6: Attach these leaders to the main line with your snap swivels, or hook up directly to the barrel swivels if you're using them. (Swivels keep your lines from tangling, twisting, breaking...)

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