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How To Find The Best Catfish Fishing Forum For You

One just doesn’t accidentally stumble upon an incredible catfish fishing forum. You have to do a bit of research and see what each forum has in store. When I first started searching for the perfect catfish fishing forum, I was disappointed.

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The few that I first came across didn’t give much information. Most were just platforms for people to air out their complaints and advertise the various items they were selling. I was looking for a forum that would engage passionate catfish lovers. I was in search of a forum where we would exchange ideas on how to catch this particular fish species, what best technique to use and how to perfectly skin them among other things. 

I learned that not all forums are the same. You first have to know what exactly you are looking for. From there you can start looking for it and see if will serve you well. Such a forum has to be free of charge. I fail to understand why somebody would charge you to join a forum on catfish fishing; no matter how minimal the amount is. You might think that paying will entitle you to some hidden secrets but that is never the case.

The truth about these forums that ask you to pay a fee is that they just want to make money. You will gain nothing more advantageous than what the members of the free forums will be gaining. What these paying forums are giving you at a fee can easily be gotten in other forums at a zero fee. They mislead their members with the belief that free things don’t have much value. I hope you have not paid any membership fee for a catfishing forum. As sad as it may sound, you will not get any value for your money.

Go for forums with lots of members

When you have identified a forum that has sparked interest in you, the first step is to create an account. This will enable you to look around and see what it has to offer. Creating an account will take you less than 5 minutes. It will take you less than a second to enter your log in details and you are set to go. Look around and see how many members are in the forum, experience has taught me that forums with lots of members are the best sources of information. Ideas in such forums are in plenty and your questions will never go unanswered.

Check out the navigation

How easy is it to maneuver through the forum? Has it been broken down into different sections for easier navigation? A good forum is one that has chat rooms, sections where you can put up a question, various threads, share button and other options. The forum should be broken in such a way that it is easy for you to find information. It shouldn’t be too complicated such that you don’t have a clue on what is going on. It also shouldn’t be too simple in such a manner that it lacks important tools and information.

Don’t forget to read

As you go through the forums, take some time to read the information it contains. This will put you in a better position to decide on whether it’s the right forum for you or not. For instance if it’s full of advertisements and complaints, then it will certainly be not the forum you are looking for. This will prompt you to sign up for another forum ad check out what is being offered. If on the other hand you like the information being given, you can decide to stick around. Start by asking a few questions and gauge the responses. Great catfishing forums are full of people who are so knowledgeable and passionate about catfishing. Their ideas will put you a step ahead in your catfishing. 

Share what you can

Sharing of different information and content on catfishing is what a good forum should be composed of. Don’t just take all you can and give nothing in return. You can share a few of your fishing stories, tricks and tips. Always take time to answer somebody’s question. It can be quite discouraging having your question ignored in such forums. Help where you can, and you will also be helped in return. 

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