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Tips For Choosing Your Next Catfish Fishing Pole

If you are an angler, then you may have already experienced the excitement of catching catfish. Because of their aggressive nature, catfish pose a great challenge to anyone who enjoys fishing as a sport. These fish are also known to live in almost any environment; hence it becomes easier to fish for them as long as you are near a water body.

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If you love fishing then you would have fun on a catfish fishing adventure given all that these fish have to offer. It does not matter if you are fishing for fun, or even for food, your fishing needs will be met with this fun and feisty fish species. What makes the challenge even more exciting is the variety of techniques and fishing baits that you can choose from. The variety found in baits, habitats and techniques can be compared to the number of fishing poles to choose from.

You should know that it is not enough to choose the right technique or bait only, but the right fishing pole as well. An example would be a scenario where you want to fish for big catfish but are using a small pole. There are different factors that are involved when it comes to choosing the right fishing pole. Here are some factors that you will need to take into consideration:

• The size of the catfish
• The area in which you will be fishing
• The position in which you will be fishing from e.g. a boat, shore etc.
• Your body size

Once you have taken into account the factors mentioned above, you will have a much easier time when it comes to fishing. We will look at what kind of fishing poles you can use when it comes to catfish fishing.

Fishing Poles to Use for Catfish Fishing

It is important that you understand that not just any fishing rod will do when it comes to catfish fishing. Because of their aggressive nature, as well as their size, it will take more than just a simple rod to be able to catch them and reel them in. You will need a pole that is strong and has just the right amount of sensitivity for you to know when the fish has taken the bait.

Ugly Stik

Despite its funny name, this pole does the best job when it comes to catfish fishing. Interestingly, it shares the same looks as the fish it is knows to catch. This type of pole comes in differing colors that clash. However, its design is great for fishing; it is sturdy and sensitive enough to alert you as soon as the fish tugs on the bait. What adds to this pole’s sensitivity is the fact that the entire rod is made out of graphite. Additionally, this type of pole has been in the market since the 80’s making it a reliable must-have for your next fishing adventure.

Night vision Rods

Just as you guessed, these rods were made for fishing in the dark. They have a light attached to them that makes it easier for you to see what you’re doing as you fish. Expert anglers know that catfish are most active during the evening or very early in the morning, when there is very little light outside. Despite their strong selling point, these rods are not only meant for fishing in the dark as they can be used to fish during the day as well. You’ll have the upper hand when you need to fish in murky waters or when there is not enough light outside.

Cabela’s European Predator

As menacing as the name suggests, these rods are meant to catch catfish that are big in size and aggressive too. The biggest catfish weigh around three pounds, so you will need a rod that is sturdy and durable enough to handle these kinds of fish. You will find no better rod than the European Predator. It lives up to its name and puts up a strong front when put against big catfish.

It is important to note that these fishing rods don’t come cheap and hence the need to budget well and prepare to spend a little more. However, you need to understand that the experience and success you will have after using them cannot be compare to the price you will have paid for them. One added tip is that it is advised that you take more than one rod with you on your fishing trip.

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