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Though there are several methods which are known to be very effective when used in catching catfish, the use of slat traps stands out from the rest in the sense that it is not practiced by many people. The slat trap as it is popularly known is simply a rectangular look alike box which is designed in special way to allow for catfish to easily get in and not easily get out.

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It is important to note that the regulations linked to catfish slat traps is the fact that they tend to vary depending on the place you reside in. Speaking of laws and regulations, prior to taking advantage of this particular method, it is imperative to make sure that get to familiarize yourself as much as possible with these laws in order to avoid all kinds of inconveniences or awkward situations.

For instance, in some states, trapping as a method of catching fish is completely forbidden. As strange as it may sound, trapping in some sections of large lakes/water bodies is allowed yet it is considered illegal in some other sections of the same water bodies. This is simply because the channel catfish always has move around in order to be able to breathe hence the laws dictating the size of traps which can be used and how frequently they should be checked.

One interesting thing about the laws which guide the fishing of catfish is the fact that they are so strict on issues linked to the safety / protection of fish hence should forever be followed completely. Simply put, only after asserting the fact that this kind of fishing is considered legal where you come from e.g. in your state only then can you go ahead to start preparing your traps for fishing.

An Overview of How to construct Catfish Slat Traps

At the moment, most anglers have chosen to construct personal traps instead of simply shopping for and buying a new one. One of the best things about building it on your own is the fact that it will not take you long to put everything together especially if you already have all supplies needed. What’s more, at the moment there are several known ways of building a catfish’s slat trap all of which are very simple.

Just so you know, although most slat traps are made from oak, there is a good number which are made using wire mesh. This however, should not have you alarmed since both slat traps designs are equally effective hence when faced with a decision to pick one, everything narrows down to personal preferences. Below is an overview of how to start off:-

A. First off, start by deciding what kind of material it is that you would like to use in building the slat trap. Next find out the size of catfish based on where you come from. For explanation purposes, we’ll go with the use of wire mesh in designing of the traps. In the case of using mesh, you’ll need at least a good roll of mesh with holes at least an inch in diameter or less, together with these you will also require a another roll of wire as well as pliers and a pair of gloves.

B. Head to your local store and then pick out all the supplies which you may need, remember to counter check you shopping list since it will help make sure that you have everything as this is the only way through which the whole construction process stands to become much easier.

C. Cut the piece of wire mesh according to your own specifications preferably into four equal rectangles. Using the wire tie the other sides of the already rectangular cut wire mesh into a box.

D. On the backside of the trap attach its end securely especially at the top taking care to allow the sides and the bottom lose to allow for easy removal of the cat fish once you have successfully trapped them. Remember to keep safe the front end very tight all the way round and then cut out the middle slightly bigger than the actual size of the catfish which you would like to catch. Next, cut a small piece of mesh into a conical shape and then go ahead to secure it together. Make sure that the outside is the same as the end of the trap.

E. Once done, place the cut small end of the cone right within the trap and then keep safe the large end right towards the front side of the wire. Take some time to double check the trap in order to make sure that it is secure all way round and that it is ready for use fishing.

Once you finish constructing your catfish slat trap, feel free to test it in water. Below is an overview of additional information which stand to useful in helping make sure that you have the best experience using your slat trap.

Summary on How to make Use Catfish Slat Trap

Prior to setting your catfish slat trap in water, it is very important to make sure that you get to check the current in order to determine how rough it may be. Take note, when the current seems strong, you will have to secure your trap in order to avoid having it carried away by current. The best way to do this is to tie weights around the trap or simply using ropes to keep it safe.

Settle on which type of bait you will use and then place it right in the trap. Examples of the best choices include: chicken liver, rotting cheese, dog food as well as shrimp etc. Generally speaking, if ever you choose any other type of bait just make sure that it does not dissolve quickly in water as this means your bait will most likely always dissolve before attracting and trapping any fish.

Bottom line

From the above, it is very clear that: fishing with a catfish slat trap is very productive plus it doubles up as an excellent way of catching fish . Using traps is such a big deal hence the need to do it in the most responsible way. To save yourself all the trouble, start by familiarizing yourself with the laws/ regulations in your area and taking time to always check your traps as often as possible. Finally always remember to put out your traps from water when they are not in use.

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